A few of our friends:

        Our simple and safe order process:

        Our gallery is 40 years old, based on thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

        Ordering is simple and safe, and you may see your order framed and ready before it leaves our gallery. Here’s how we do it:

        1: Select the picture you want, click on the thumbnail, select the size and click “order this picture”.

        2: Complete the information form, giving your e-mail address and telephone number.

        3: We will call you as soon as we can when we get your order, often within a few minutes.  We will discuss the framing selection and prepare your order.  We will tell you the shipping costs and get payment information.

        4: If you want, we will take a “picture of your picture” in its frame, and e-mail it to you for your final approval.

        5: Then we will wrap and ship it to you, with guaranteed safe delivery. You get your order in good condition or we will send you another one. Guaranteed.

        Our guarantee of safe delivery:

        We have had a guaranteed safe delivery policy for the 40 years we have been in business.  We know how packages get handled in shipping, and we know how valuable our product is.

        We wrap very, very well.  Any picture, framed or unframed, that we wrap and ship by the couriers we use, is guaranteed to arrive in good condition at your door.  If it does not, we will send another one.  Simple as that.  Guaranteed.

        You have absolutely no risk.  Some sizes, when wrapped, are within size limitations defined by Canada Post.  These will be sent by mail, with guaranteed safe delivery.  Other sizes, when wrapped, are larger than the Post Office will accept.  We use Purolator Courier in Canada and UPS for US and worldwide destinations for guaranteed safe delivery.

        Our pictures do not weigh very much, but the boxes are large for full protection of your purchases.  Shipping fees are based on the size of the package and the distance traveled.  Only the first/largest picture will be charged the courier fee.  Any number of additional pictures in the same shipment travel free.  If you want us to ship by another courier (perhaps because you have an account with them and can get a better price) we will be happy to do so.  We will still wrap them very well, but we cannot guarantee safe delivery like we do with Canada Post, Purolator and UPS.  We will, however, insure the shipment for full purchase value.

        Our prime consideration is the delivery of your order in good condition.  Please remember however, where Newfoundland is, and courier charges are related to distance traveled and the size of the package.  We have never had an unsatisfied customer in our 40 years of shipping worldwide, and we constantly strive to keep that record intact.


        Our “Galleria” finishing:

        Our prints are signed, dated and finished with our exclusive “Galleria” laminate, a clear, durable acrylic permanently bonded to the surface of the picture, imbedded with a linen texture.  They look spectacular and the colors are very rich and realistic.  The surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  They are framed without glass, like an oil painting.  You may order unframed, but our framing prices are really very competitive.

        Your guarantee of satisfaction with our professional framing: 

        We use seamless white or off-white “liners” with a gold or white lip next to the picture, and furniture finish wood mouldings on the outside.  They look very classy and elegant. 

        The five blue tabs on the order page explain the framing process very simply, and show examples of the mouldings we use.

        But we know it is very difficult to select framing using only your monitor.  So, when we receive your order, we will call you.  We will discuss your framing preferences and frame your picture as you tell us.  If you want, we can then e-mail you a “picture of your framed picture” for your final approval.  You can see your final product before it leaves our gallery.


        Prices are in CANADIAN dollars.  The final amount on your credit card will be in the currency of your own country. 

        Not all images are available in all sizes.  Availability will appear below each image when you click on the thumbnail.  Sizes of framed pictures are overall sizes including the frame.

        Shipping and handling:

        Prices do not include shipping.  The fees vary, depending on the size of the package, the destination, and the dollar value of your order.  We will tell you the shipping cost when we call you.

        We guarantee the safety of all our shipments.  Every package we wrap and ship by the couriers we use is guaranteed to arrive in good condition at your door, or we will send another one.  Guaranteed.  You have absolutely no risk.  Simple as that.

        Please see our guaranteed safe shipping page.


        Prices do not include taxes.

        Shipments to Canadian provinces with the HST will be charged the applicable rate.

        Shipments to Canadian provinces with the GST will be charged 5% GST only. We do not charge any provincial sales tax.

        Shipments to the United States are totally tax-free and there is no US customs duty on art.

        Shipments to all other countries are not charged any Canadian tax. Some countries do have VAT which may be charged upon delivery.

        There are no customs duties on art to most countries.