We guarantee worldwide safe delivery


Our Guarantee of Safe Delivery: We have had a guaranteed safe delivery policy for the 40 years we have been in business.

We know how packages get handled in shipping, and we know how important safe delivery is to our customers.

We wrap very, very well.

Any picture, framed or unframed, that we wrap and ship by the couriers we use, is guaranteed to arrive in good condition at your door.

If it does not, we will send another one.  Simple as that.  Guaranteed.  You have absolutely no risk.  

Smaller sizes, when wrapped, are within size limitations defined by Canada Post. These will be sent by mail, with guaranteed safe delivery. Larger sizes, when wrapped, are bigger than the Post Office will accept. For larger items we use Purolator Courier in Canada, and UPS outside Canada for worldwide guaranteed safe delivery.

Our pictures do not weigh much, but the boxes are large for full protection of your purchases. Shipping fees are based on package size and distance traveled. Only the first/largest picture will be charged the courier fee. Any number of additional pictures in the same shipment travel free.  

If you want us to ship by another courier (perhaps because you have an account with them and can get a better price) we will be happy to do so.  We will still wrap them very well, but we cannot guarantee safe delivery like we do with Canada Post, Purolator and UPS .  We will, however, insure the shipment for full purchase value.  Our prime consideration is the delivery of your order in good condition.   Please remember however, where Newfoundland is, and that courier charges are related to distance traveled and the size of the package.

We have never had an unsatisfied customer in our 40 years of shipping worldwide, and we constantly strive to keep that record intact.